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Better Technology is the sales agent of Groz-Beckert Knitting Machine Needles . They are the importer & supplier of Groz-Beckert Sewing Machine Needles, Sinker & Cylinder . We are also groz beckert needles suppliers in bangladesh. A huge quantity of circular knitting machine needles are in their stock . Better Technology assure that the origin is 100% Germany . Groz-Beckert Needles carry its own quality and specification .Each customer faces individual requirements and challenges. With experience, knowledge, and problem solving
advice, Groz-Beckert contributes to the customers‘ success. 

What are your objectives? 

•You want to get the most out of your production facilities?

 •You want flawless fabrics of top quality?

 •You are looking for new market fields and applications?

 •You want sustainable, resource saving production? 

Contact Better Technology for  Groz-Beckert knitting Machine Needles to reach your goals efficiently.

Better Technology assured At Groz-Beckert, all the components of knitting systems are precisely inter-coordinated. The perfect interaction between knitting machine needles and system parts guarantees an even, flawless loop formation process. Machine manufacturers the world over place their trust in Groz-Beckert as a development partner and quality supplier. We continue the further development of our product spectrum on the basis of this broad fund of expertise. 

Highspeed production with optimum latch guidance With increasing machine speeds the knitting elements must meet highest requirements. An impact speed of the needle latch of up to 200 km/h gives a rough idea of the extreme forces the needles are subjected to during the knitting process. To prevent the capacity of state of the art highspeed knitting machines being compromised by the knitting elements, the needles must be designed to withstand extreme stress even at highest machine speeds.


groz beckert needles suppliers in bangladesh

groz beckert needles suppliers in bangladesh​

Better Technology is the importer & Supplier of groz beckert needles in bangladesh.  Groz-Beckert Needles confirm that High energy costs have an impact on the economic success of a company. In the age of
dynamic markets and increasing requirements, the cost situation of a knitting producer
is a primary competitive factor and decisive for the success or failure of a company. The
question is: How can costs be reduced? 

Better Technology answered that A lower energy consumption and reduced machine
temperature are just two of the advantages provided by the litespeed® needle family, designed for the use in high performance circular knitting machines. The optimized shank geometry of the litespeed®needle generates less friction in the machine and consequently reduces power consumption.


Reduced energy consumption and increased product reliability, easier running of the machine and improvements in all consequent processes.


Uniform loops and flawless fabric quality. 


Provable reduction of CO2 footprint. 

So if you have any inquiry or if you want to buy Groz-Beckert Needles please contact the importer & Supplier of Bangladesh Better Technology . You can phone: 01713864624