VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinet

CAC60 Colour Assessment Cabinet(2 feet)

Brand: VeriVide

Made in U.K

Four Light Source-D65,TL84,FA,UV

Colour Assessment Cabinets

Color Light Box


High-quality visual evaluation tool for quality assurance. Adhering to national, international and retailer standards.

Colour Assessment Cabinet’s (CACs) reduce problems associated with assessing products or samples in different environments, be though geological or seasonal, offering a cost-effective method to ensure visual accuracy and product quality.

VeriVide CACs:

  • Meet or surpass ISO 3664 and BS 950 Part 1 international standards.
  • Are flexible and adaptable to user requirements. See Lamp options to chose your light sources.
  • Come in 3 widths: 60, 120 and 150cm.
  • Incorporate user-friendly features like servicing indicator, auto sequence, warm-up, power save and data storage.
  • 4 or 5 light source options
  • Versions available for colour fastness testing and particulate testing both adhering to global standards
  • Ensure that you are using the best equipment available as they provide the best fluorescent D65 daylight simulator, with the highest Colour Rendering Index (CRI), available.

VeriVide products are known as light boxes, viewing booths, colour cabinets and others, depending on which industry or country they are serving in. They are used within a wide array of industry sectors throughout the world including textile and apparel, graphics, automotive, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmacology (CAC Particulate), food, footwear, packaging and printing.

Color Light Box

Datasheet Download: CAC Datasheet 2018.pdf


Warranty Period : 1 year
Model : CAC60
Hight : Viewing Area 680
Width : Viewing Area 360
Light source : Four Light Source
Stock : In Stock
Origin : UK
Discount : No
Accessories : Available
Brand : Verivide
Product : Available