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Halogen Moisture Meter Moisture Goniophotometer is a new type of high-speed infrared moisture test instrument and can be used to measure the moisture of any material. (Except the substances which generate dangerous chemical reaction through heating) Halogen Moisture Meter HMM-80A instrument is designed in accordance with the thermogravimetric principle. While Halogen Moisture Meter HMM-80A measures the weight of samples, infrared heating units and water evaporation channels dries samples rapidly too.

Halogen Moisture Meter HMM-80A In the drying process, instrument measures continually and displays immediately the lost moisture (%) of the samples in the process. When the drying is completed, the finally measured moisture is locked. Press the display button, data such as the moisture value, the starting value of the weight, the initial value and measuring time can be observed. Compared with the traditional oven heating method, infrared heating can achieve maximum heating power in the shortest possible time because that the samples are dried rapidly in high temperature can greatly accelerate the measurement time.

Halogen Moisture Meter HMM-80A is applicable to all the fields which need rapid moisture measurement such as medicine, grain, tobacco, chemicals, tea, foods, textiles, agriculture and forestry, etc. Halogen Moisture Meter HMM-80A is able to communicate with computer. Measuring data of moisture can be printed out though the computer or directly by the printer matched.

Halogen Moisture Meter Primary Technical Specification
Measuring Accuracy of Moisture (%): 0.01g Amount of Samples ≥ 3 g
Measuring Ranges of Moisture (%): 0-100
Weight of Measurement Samples (g): 3-110
Maximum Weight (g): 110
Minimum Reading of Weight (g): 0.01
Readability of Moisture (%): 0.01
Temperature Indication Ranges (° C): Room Temperature -199
Display Parameter: 7 kinds
Power Supply: Voltage 220 v± 10% Frequency 50HZ± 1HZ
Temperature of the Working Environment: -5 ° C to 50 ° C
Relative Humidity: ≤ 80% RΗ
Dimensions: 337mm x 215mm x 334mm
Net weight: 3. 7kg



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Model : MS-110
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